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Self Care for Mommas

Welcome to February Mommas! We've made it through the first month of January and we only have three more months of winter here in Wisconsin. With the darker days and cold weather, it's important that we practice self-care! So here are my tips on self-care:
1. It's ok to say No! If this isn't something that you are totally passionate about or "mission-critical" to your life. It's ok to say no.
You have a limited amount of time so use it wisely.
2. Find something that brings you joy. Try a new craft (I love being next door to My Material Matters as she always has something fun and beginner-friendly). Read a new book. Paint. I've recently started doing watercolor painting and it's been such a stress reliever. It's not that I'm an amazing artist, the process itself is fun. Maybe you love knitting, so find a knitting club. Which leads me to my next point...
3. Take a night for yourself. At least monthly! My husband plays hockey once a week and I usually head out with friends once or twice a month. It's so nice to get away and recharge. Start a book club with friends. Hey, you might even read a few books or you might enjoy a cup of tea with your friends. Both are win-win!
The most important thing to remember is YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You matter. You deserve to do something nice for yourself. You deserve a moment to take a breath and relax. I know it can be hard to find the time, but you deserve it. Let me know in the comments how you take a moment for yourself!

Jennifer Barton, Postpartum Doula - 04 Feb 2020 @ 01:16
So true! Moms and dads need to continue to pursue their hobbies and interests especially after a baby is born. It can feel impossible at first, but it's so worth it to nourish yourself!

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