Bamboobies Boobease Pumping Lubricant

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A pumping mom “must have!”

boob-ease™ Organic Pumping Lubricant (“Boob Lube™”) makes pumping easier and more comfortable. It’s certified organic with a coconut oil base. Convenient two pack of tubes are easy to use and portable. Put one in your pumping bag and keep one at home, so you have it when you need it.


  • Helps reduce friction to make pumping easier and more comfortable.
  • Lactation consultants recommend a lubricant for easier pumping.
  • Certified organic with a coconut oil base. Lanolin free.
  • All ingredients are safe for ingestion by your breastfeeding baby.

Tested with hundreds of moms and they love it!! Almost 75% of the moms said the new boob lube™ made their pumping sessions easier and more comfortable.

Apply a small drop to nipples or flanges before pumping. Reapply as needed for greater comfort. Please note, coconut oil can stain clothing, so we recommend using with bamboobies Washable or Disposable Nursing Pads. Store right side up at room temperature or cooler. Please note, due to the ingredients of this product, separation may occur and is natural. However, it will melt with use!

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